SuperMap: the 3rd Largest Share in Global GIS Market

ARC Advisory Group Report: SuperMap Has the 3rd Largest Share in Global GIS Market, and the 1st Largest Share in Asia GIS Market

According to the Geographic Information Systems Market Research Study Report released by ARC Advisory Group, SuperMap has the 3rd largest share in global GIS market, and the 1st largest share in Asia GIS market. Meanwhile, the report indicates that with quick growth in past over 20 years, SuperMap Software now is the biggest Chinese GIS supplier, and top GIS suppliers in the Chinese market.

The report shows that GIS revenues topped $3.1 billion in the year of 2018. The top eight suppliers of GIS are Esri, Hexagon, SuperMap Software, Bentley Systems, General Electric (GE), Pitney Bowes Software, Trimble, and Autodesk.

The report refers that GIS was once considered too specialized to fall within the domain of the Information Science department, but now it has become just another application in mainstream IT. A sure indicator of this trend is that most of the GIS software providers have web-enabling tools available already. Also, users no longer need to be specialists to work with GIS. In addition, the application of GIS will be extended because of the increasing of the demand for improving energy and operational efficiency, the increasing investment in infrastructure, as well as the continuous growth of emerging economies. The long-term prospects of GIS market will remain optimistic.

The report points out that Asia has become a faster growing region and achieved over 13% growth in 2018. It estimates that North America is expected to show ben low-average market growth, while Asia is expected to show above-average market growth in the next few years. Growth in China and India is expected to be relatively high compared with other regions because of high population and the increasing adoption rate of automation, which will increase demand for dynamic mapping for remote access of infrastructure, which will contribute to the GIS market growth.

In application field, the report also shows that GIS in government represented a solid bulk of the market, with revenues accounting for nearly 45% of the total. It estimates that government sector will continue to do well, with CAGR of around 9% in the future.

The report indicates that integration of GIS and BIM will bring great value to many fields, and also bring great development opportunities to GIS development. While, how to solve the data format conversion and integration of BIM and GIS is the important direction of GIS manufacturers in the next step.

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